It is an animal belonging to the mammalian family, and it has many names, including the rhino and the rhinoceros; it is found in South Africa, especially in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique, and the rhinoceros is considered one of the endangered animals in past ages, due to over-hunting, and the rhinoceros is characterized by thick skin; Where fishers benefit from it and sell it for very expensive sums, which threatens it with extinction, and it is considered one of the mammals of large size.

The reason for naming the unicorn with this name

The rhinoceros was so named because of the presence of one horn above its nose. There are five species of rhinos; three of them are threatened with extinction. They are the black rhinoceros, the Indian rhinoceros, the white rhinoceros, and species of rhinos that live in Asia.

Characteristics of the unicorn

  • It is one of the largest animals on Earth. Its length is from three and a half feet to six feet, and its weight is estimated between one ton to two and a half tons.
  • It is distinguished by the thickness of its skin, reaching a length of five centimeters, composed of collagen, which is important to the human body.
  • It has a huge head weighing from 400-600g.
  • The gestation period of a female rhinoceros is sixteen months, which is about a year and a half.
  • It lives in wildlife from 50 to 60 years, but if it is in groups, it can reach 100 years.
  • Its gray color distinguishes it.
  • He has a very weak sense of vision, as he cannot see things that are 30 meters away from him.
  • It has a strong sense of smell; it indicates to you to follow the correct site, and it is fast despite its huge size.
  • Four small legs characterize it, and on each leg, there are three toes with nails.
  • It feeds on plants, leaves, and mosses.

Types of rhinos

  • Black rhinoceros: It is also called the African, it lives in Africa, especially in Kenya, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe, although it is called black, it is gray, its height at the shoulder reaches four meters, and it is smaller than the white rhinoceros, more flexible, and faster movement And it lives alone, and sometimes it lives in groups of up to eight members only, and it multiplies in the rainy season, as it is characterized by the presence of two horns, one long and the other short.
  • White rhinoceros: It is one of the largest mammals after elephants, its length reaches 4 meters, and its height is 180 centimeters, and it is one of the animals that live in the mud, and a large and huge skull distinguishes it, and its speed reaches 40 miles per hour.
  • Indian rhinoceros: It is one of the largest Asian species, which has one horn, its length reaches six feet, and its weight is one and a half tons, and its thick skin distinguishes it, its speed reaches 35 miles per hour, and it lives in wildlife.
  • Sumatran rhinoceros: It is considered an endangered animal, and it is abundant in India, Burma, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as it reaches a height of 120-145 cm, and its length reaches two and a half meters, and its weight is between 500-800 kg, and it breeds in the spring.


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