The smart animal

There are many animals on the face of the earth, some of them are small, and some are large. There are intelligent animals whose intelligence exceeds that of some human beings even though the blessing of the mind is one of the characteristics that distinguish man from other creatures, which is why we will introduce you in this article about the most intelligent animals at the level of the world.

Who is the intelligent animal

African parrot

The African parrot is a type of bird found in the rainforests of Africa. It is distinguished by its superior ability to speak, as some of its types can comprehend and memorize a thousand words. It distinguishes by its ability to associate words with each other and may be able to distinguish different colours, some Signals circling it.

The elephants

There are three types of elephants: African, Asian, and another type are known as a bush, and in general, elephants have a solid memory; Because they are aware of things and places for an extended period, and the elephant benefits from its memory to access water materials when drought occurs in its living area, and elephants use a strong sense of hearing to communicate with each other, especially in remote places by hearing the vibrations of the earth, and some types of elephants in Thailand can express itself through drawing.

Rhesus monkeys

Rhesus monkeys are small Asian monkeys with a high intelligence rate that exceeds their peers, so they widely used in biological and medical research. Because it understands facial expressions and uses plans to attack the enemies, recent studies and research in 2007 proved that the DNA and its genetic material are 93% similar to the human DNA.


Dolphins include 32 species classified under 17 genera. Still, dolphins with billed are the smartest of them, as they live in warm waters and have a vast brain compared to the human brain. As a result of this size, they can learn from their mistakes, understand signals, and enter into relationships—different social.

It is easy to teach dolphins to think about things and implement specific tasks. There are many known stories about dolphins saving many people’s lives, which indicates that they absorb what is going on around them, learn from past mistakes, and benefit from their experiences.


Chimpanzees can use computers, excel in using them sometimes, and they can adapt quickly, understand sign language, in addition to teaching their children sign language without human intervention in this process.


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