Protein foods

Cats are omnivores, which means that they need animal protein foods to be healthy; Thus, a variety of foods can serve to her; such as cooked, raw, or fresh meat, or meat bones, as for fish; It can be fed to the cat from time to time without including it in its daily diet; Because it contains high levels of fatty acids, which may lead to a lowering of its vitamin E level, it is advised before serving meat and bone products to make sure that they are free of harmful preservatives.

Uncooked animal meat and bones are included in protein foods, which are called raw foods. The cat owner can prepare these meals himself or obtain them as a commercial product available in the markets. When the owner prepares the meals himself, he must review the veterinary nutritionist to help him in this task, and is indicated that some risks accompany this feeding; Raw foods may contain some pathogens; Such as salmonella bacteria or Escherichia coli, and although the digestion of raw foods in a cat works well compared to the digestion process of humans, and although the pathogens will not cause any health problems for the cat, some cats do not tolerate this type of food.


Cats eat all kinds of grains, including oats, which are rich in protein, as well as corn, porridge, and ground cornmeal; Therefore, brown rice, barley, and wheat can serve to it after mashing it first, in addition to whole wheat bread crumbs, and cats like small grains; Such as millet and couscous after cooking each of them so that the cat can digest it.


Cats do not like all vegetables and fruits; They can’t taste sweet flavors; However, they are all rich sources of vitamins, fiber, and water. Aids digestion, and it is possible to offer fresh cucumber to the cat, as well as cantaloupe, steamed broccoli, or asparagus.

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