Where do crows live?

Crows live in many habitats that are spread worldwide except for Antarctica. They can be found in the tundra, mountain forests, deciduous forests, coniferous evergreen forests, deserts, grasslands, steppes, on the edges of rainforests, and cities and villages.

Crows live according to their species.

The locations of crows vary according to their types. The common raven is the most common type of crow; It lives in northern Europe, in Scandinavia, Iceland, and Greenland, and throughout Asia from the Pacific Ocean to the Himalayas to India and Iran, in northwest Africa and the Canary Islands, and North and Central America as far south as Nicaragua, and the American crow It can found throughout North America. Still, it is more prevalent in agricultural lands and open pastures with many trees nearby. The common raven can be found throughout Europe and Western Asia, especially in open areas vast, such as the plains and the steppes.

The social life of crows

Crows live in large, tight-knit families; They hunt together, feed together, defend their habitats, and raise their young together, and with the approach of winter, crows gather in large groups at night. Their numbers range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the reasons for this seasonal gathering are not precisely known, but many possibilities explain this behavior; Such as the desire to exchange information or to protect themselves from predators, or simply for warmth, and in the breeding season, both the male and the female cooperate in building the nest to lay eggs. The nest is often made of twigs and sticks between the branches of high trees, and the female crow lays between 5- 6 eggs of a greenish or olive color with dark markings, and the young crows remain with their parents for nearly six years before they separate from them to start multiplying.

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