The rabbit

The rabbit, a domesticated mammal, belongs to the Chordates Division, of the order of rabbits, and lives in various regions of the world due to its ability to adapt in multiple environments and its most present presence in the continent of Europe, South Africa, Japan, and Sumatra, in addition to several regions in the Middle East, especially in the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant, which is one of the animals that humans have domesticated for a long time. To make use of their meat and their furs, which use to make clothes.

The name of the rabbit house

The number of rabbit breeds in the world estimated at approximately forty, and they differ in size, shape, and colour of their fur, including grey, white, black, and spotted. They are among the animals that prefer to live in groups, in private homes that they build underground, or between rocky cracks. It calls (Burrows) to ensure its safety and keep away from the source of any danger that might threaten it, such as predators and birds of prey.

The physical characteristics of the rabbit

The rabbit’s body covers with soft fur that protects it from atmospheric changes. It has long ears that help it to pick up sounds, distinguish them and know their source. Its weight when it reaches about three kilograms and its length range between twenty and fifty centimetres. It is a cautious animal, as we find it retreating Backward when it hears any sound, no matter how far away, and this can inferred by the movement of his ears, which he directs towards the source of the sound, and his escape towards his burrow as soon as he senses danger.

The rabbit is known for its high speed and its ability to jump high for several miles to escape from its enemy, as its long hind legs help it run. The long hind legs allow it to escape from the predator’s grip that is chasing it, and its front feet help it support and maintain balance.

Feed the rabbit

The rabbit generally prefers to eat herbs and fresh vegetables, such as tree leaves, carrots, cabbage, small berry leaves, alfalfa, and weeds, not to mention his love for eating fruits, apples, pears, cucumbers, etc. It is not preferred to eat grains in general but can be fed residues of food processing and unconventional foodstuffs if raised in large numbers.

Rabbit breeding

Marriage begins in rabbits when the male reaches eight months, and the female becomes ready to marry after reaching the age of six months as a minimum. She does not go through a cycle of estrus like other animals but needs to stimulate for an extended period of about ten hours before starting the mating process.

The female rabbit’s gestation period is approximately thirty-one days, after which she gives birth to five to eight pups, their shape and size are very similar to kittens, as the young are born utterly naked of fur, and their eyes are closed. Still, they are lively and always moving, and they move actively within The burrow in the first days of her life, and she remains under the care of her parents until she reaches the age of fourteen days, then she begins to go out alone, and depend, little by little, on herself.


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