Ostrich types

The ostrich is one of the types of birds that belong to the ostrich genus of the ostrich family, and it is the giant bird on the surface of the earth and the fastest enemy; Its speed is comparable to that of a tiger and a leopard, despite the large body and strange shape of its body. There are about five breeds of ostriches in the world. They are very similar in their behavioural and morphological characteristics. Still, their difference is only in their external appearances, such as size and colour, and they are spread in several regions of the world, and they can adapt in different environments; Such areas as savannahs, deserts, plateaus, plains, and rain forests, and are abundant in South Africa, Madagascar, the European continent, and the Arabian Gulf.

African ostrich

An adult ostrich weighs more than a hundred kilograms, and its length ranges between two and two and a half meters. Despite the largeness of its body, it can run at high speed, which may reach seventy-four kilometers per hour, and with one step, it can cover a distance of between three and five meters. It makes it disappear from its enemies in a few minutes.

The ostrich’s body is covered with solid feathers, which help it protect its body from weather fluctuations. It has only a pair of fingers in its feet that enables it to stand firmly on the ground, and this is also what distinguishes it from the rest of the birds that carry two pairs of fingers in its feet. It is said that its feet are solid So that she can kick her enemy hard, causing him to be killed instantly.

The average lifespan of an ostrich is about seventy years; It remains throughout its life within the range of the flock in which it lives, which is estimated to number between ten to fifty birds, and it is worth noting that ostriches rarely leave their place of residence except in cases of depletion of food, or water, despite their ability to live without drinking water for several days, This is because she uses the water stored in her body.

Male ostriches and reproduction

The male ostrich, called “unfair”, is distinguished by his massive body and long legs. He chooses his female during the marriage season after fierce and robust competition with other males within the group. After the marriage takes place, the female digs a deep hole in the ground that reaches a depth of about three meters to lay eggs in it; The number of eggs laid by the ostrich is estimated to be approximately twenty each time. The size of each egg increases the size of chicken eggs by ten times and then lies on it for a period ranging from thirty-five to forty-five days, then the eggs begin to hatch gradually, after which the parents take care of the chicks until they are about a year old.


The ostrich feeds on the larvae and insects found in the sand. Hence, it stays for long periods, putting its head under the dirt in search of food, and this confirms that it is not a cowardly bird as some described when it is afraid, it sticks its head in the sand, the truth says the opposite, the ostrich is a brave bird, and strong enough To kill any of the predatory animals, with one kick.

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