Chicken farming

The turkey differs from the rest of the poultry raised in the house or farms in its large size and multiple health needs. Before thinking about raising turkeys, it must be ensured that the region’s laws allow this and that the neighbours will not reject the decision to raise turkeys; after that comes the stage of choosing the breed. The occasion. The appropriate number of chickens, provided that there is one rooster for every ten chickens to be able to obtain chicks in good numbers, and among the most important things that the turkey chicken breeder must take into account are the following:

Temperature: During the first week of life, turkey chicks need a temperature of 32 – 37.8 degrees Celsius, after which the temperature can gradually reduce.

The barn: the turkey needs a safe barn that protects it from foxes, bears and other predators, so it is preferable to be surrounded by a high fence, and the area of ​​the barn depends on the number of birds inside, as every 12 birds need a place of ​​not less than seven square meters.

Waters and feeders: Every 12 birds need 7.6 liters of water per day, and it is preferable to use automatic watering cans, provided that their length is not less than one meter, so that 12 birds can drink comfortably, and feeders are preferably made of wood and large so that each bird can get Sufficient amount of feed, knowing that each adult bird needs 454 grams of meal per day.

Health care: To maintain the turkey’s health, the cleanliness of the barn, the water, and the food provided to it must be taken care of, and the barn should be regularly ventilated, providing sufficient space for it and separating it from ordinary chickens.

Chicken feed

Turkey chicks need good nutrition to grow and gain weight quickly, so it must consist of 28% of their food from protein during the first weeks of their life. Then the protein percentage can be reduced, provided that it is not less than 20%. The turkey needs to eat 45 kilograms within six months to reach the appropriate size for slaughter, while the chicken needs only 27 kilograms. These birds eat from the grass that grows in the pastures, which constitutes at least half of its diet, and can also be fed garden and kitchen leftovers such as lettuce, tomatoes and corn sweet and others.

The best chicken breeds for breeding

The hybrid white turkey breed is the most common in large farms intended for commercial production. The species that are usually bred in small farms are:

Broad Breasted Bronze.

Broad Breasted White.

The White Holland.

Beltsville Small White.

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