Crocodile Lolong

The Lolong crocodile is considered the giant crocodile in the entire world with a length of 6.17 meters from nose to tail and a weight of 1,075 kilograms, and it named this name about Irencito Lolong, one of the most famous crocodile hunters in Palawan; He was the leader of the search for weeks, but he succumbed to the disease several days before hunting the crocodile, and it was confirmed as the giant crocodile in the world in November 2011 by an Australian zoologist named Adam Britton.

Catch a Lolong crocodile

The Lolong crocodile was arrested on September 3, 2011, in a stream in Agusan del Sur in the Philippines. The process of catching it required cooperation between the residents, the Philippine government, and crocodile hunters from the Palawan region. It took about three weeks to see it, and it also required its transport. There are a hundred people to the ground, and the crocodile Lolong was very aggressive, as he loosened the restraints twice during attempts to catch him. His arrest prompted some NGOs and activists from various institutions to demand the animal’s liberation and return it to the table. However, the mayor and residents objected Local to Banwan launch it; Because it would pose a danger to the population in that area.

Crocodile Cassius

Cassius is an Australian saltwater crocodile, and it is considered one of the giant crocodiles in the world, with a length of 5.48 meters and an age of about 100 years. It was caught alive in Australia, and it expects to be a human eater. It transported for a distance of 3,200 km From the Australian Northern Territory to Greenland in 1987 through a truck; Cassius was recorded as the giant crocodile in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records on January 1, 2011. Still, he lost this title after a short period when the crocodile caught Lolong. Crocodile Cassius has a great appetite, as his team feeds him chicken, fish, and pork.

Australian saltwater crocodiles

The Australian saltwater crocodiles are the most significant and most dangerous of their kind globally; they can live for more than 100 years. They may grow to reach a length of more than 7 meters and weigh more than a ton, and the Australian wildlife park in Greenland owns more than 50 Crocodiles of various sizes, ranging from small crocodiles to more giant crocodiles such as Cassius.


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