The cheetah is considered the fastest land animal, with a speed of about 112 kilometers per hour, and the cheetah has graceful and long legs, while its length is about 0.76 meters. Its weight is about 63.5 kilograms, and the head of the leopard is small and round and has a long neck and a spine characterized by Flexible, and has a long tail to achieve balance during its top speed. Because of its incredible speed, the cheetah is considered the fastest animal in the world, and it regards as a little quicker than the speed of the horned antelope. Still, it knows that this speed is not matched by strength, as it has weak power that makes it lose in most of the battles it fights And if the cheetah is injured, it cannot run quickly, which endangers its life.

Peregrine falcon

The peregrine falcon considers the fastest bird, as its speed during its horizontal flight reaches 90 kilometers per hour. In comparison, its rate while diving down for hunting reaches 322 kilometers per hour, so it is considered a professional hunter. Still, it does not fly at this speed regularly, so it regards as a falcon. The peregrine falcon is the fastest land animal on its way to hunt.

Frigate birds

Frigate birds may seem to outperform peregrine falcons, and can reach speeds of about 153 kilometers per hour, have two wings large compared to their body weight, and can fly for a long time, and in some cases, they remain a plane for more than a week at a time without landing to Earth.


The sailfish is the fastest marine animal. Its speed may reach approximately 109.5 kilometers per hour, and it uses its distinctive sail to scare off threatening animals, but it keeps it folded in regular times.

Horned antelope

The horned antelope occupies a second place as the fastest land animal. It excels in speed over the vast majority of predators and reaches a rate of about 98 kilometers per hour. It is worth noting that the antelope possesses particular adaptations in their bodies that help them during their fast running. They have fingers Padded to withstand shock, plus large organs that help them absorb large amounts of air.

The blue nucleus

The speed of the blue nucleus is approximately 81 kilometers per hour.

The lion

The lion can chase prey at a speed of 81 kilometers per hour, making it a dangerous animal upon predation.

Thomson’s gazelle

The speed of this deer reaches approximately 81 kilometers, which means that its rate is close to the speed of both the lion and the blue wildlife. Unfortunately, the Thomson deer is considered a preferred prey for the cheetahs, considered the fastest animal.

Brown rabbit

It is considered one of the most miniature animals mentioned in this list, but it runs at great speed, reaching a rate of approximately 76 kilometers per hour, as its long hind legs help it to run quickly.

Gazelle antelope

There are many animals whose speed exceeds the speed of the deer, and despite its large size, its ability to run is excellent, with a rate of 72.5 kilometers per hour.

Merlin fish

Merlin fish, while swimming, reaches a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

Horned geese

It considers the largest goose globally, and its flight speed is 142 kilometers per hour.

Poison white throat

This bird is considered the fastest flying bird, with a maximum speed of 171 kilometers per hour.


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