The deer is one of the animals that belong to the mammal family. It is found in abundance in the southwestern desert of the Asian continent and some regions of Africa, such as the savannah grass The North African desert such as Algeria and Libya, as well as in Morocco in the Souss region, Taroudant, and Al-Kouf to the west of the city of Al-Bayda, where it has a reserve There, in general, deer live in flat sandy lands, and some are in the mountains.

Deer are known for their beauty, grace and gentleness. Many poets have sung their qualities. The word deer is Arabic, and it has transferred to a group of other Latin languages. It is forbidden according to many laws; Because it may lead to the extinction of many species of it.

Deer species in general

Dama gazelle: Many breeds of it are specifically endemic to the eastern, western and central parts of the African continent and the southern part of Morocco.

Grant’s Gazelle: It is called the Giant, and there are several breeds of it, most notably the Ethiopian, Somali, and Ugandan, in addition to Peters and Roberts.

Al-Reem: It calls the Arab Reem gazelle explicitly, including the Mongolian, Persian, and Chinese skull.

The mountain: one of the most famous is the Atlantic.

White: very similar to the Afri gazelle and the Reem.

Gernocks: including the Summering deer, the Greenock, the Thomson, and the Spike, and the erect-tailed debitage.

Al-Afri: It includes the Egyptian desert, the Sudanese, and the Saudi.

Deer species by size

Large-sized deer: including the Dibatage, the Greenock, and the Summering, in addition to the Grant and Dama.

Small-sized gazelles: including the Sabik, Al-Afri, Thomson, and Al-Reem, in addition to the red-fronted deer.

Deer traits

Deer distinguish by several different characteristics, the most important of which are:

  • She has black hair at the ends of her tail and white buttocks and her body interspersed with black stripes that may be wide or thin.
  • Male deer determine their areas of influence and presence through the secretion of some urine, dung, or secretions from a gland under the eye, allowing only females to approach.
  • Most female deer have antlers, specifically geraniums and Indian deer.
  • She has strong senses of hearing and sight. It has black and wide eyes and long and pointed ears.
  • Its body is two-coloured, the upper part of which is dark yellow, and the lower part is white, and this includes all types of deer except for the black Indian.
  • It has a long neck and legs, and its body is cylindrical to run and jump in the air, especially when playing or feeling afraid.
  • Its feeding method is different; Some depend on their grazing of herbs, others prefer shrubs.
  • Their weight ranges from thirty to seventy kilograms.
  • Most of her births are twins, and her gestation period is about five months.
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