Little chicken name

The young chicken is called the chick, or the chick. The chick is the subsequent stage of the embryos from which the chicken hatches the eggs if it has been fertilized. The young remain inside the egg for three weeks until it becomes strong enough to come out of the egg. Their bodies are covered with a soft substance. It is called down feathers, which usually takes one to two months to grow fully, forming chicken feathers. The chicks depend on plants, insects, and mice for their nutrition, so the chicks are carnivores, and the chicks usually remain in this phase for six months before they can lay eggs and move on to the second phase of their life cycle.

Raising chicks

Prepare the sauce house.

The house of chicks at the beginning of their life is called the brooder, which is usually made of cardboard or plastic, and it can obtain from stores specializing in farming tools or make manually. The following things must be taken into account when preparing the incubator to raise chickens in it:

It is preferable to place the incubator indoors or in the garage.

The incubator should have enough space for all the chicks; So that you can move comfortably inside the incubator, with a place designated for both food and drink.

They are preparing the floor of the incubator, which is usually made up of clean hay made from pine shavings or a similar material. Newspaper sheets can be used as a floor, but it is not the best option, as chick skins may be exposed to contamination with paper ink. The feet must change every two days. If they are damp, they must change Directly; maintaining the cleanliness of the incubator is one of the most important things to consider in this phase of chickens because they are susceptible to many diseases.

Keep the incubator warm by placing a lamp inside it. You can buy an electric lamp with a reflector or lights that produce heat by itself, and the temperature of the incubator must maintain in the first week within the range of 32-38 degrees Celsius, and then reduced by five degrees with each passing A week and for five or eight weeks until the chickens are fully grown.

Save water and food

It is preferable to prepare food and drink for chicks before the eggs hatch, and food for chicks is usually placed in plastic containers called feeders; It makes the process of feeding the chicks easier, especially during the first two weeks of their exit from the eggs, and the nutrients have distinctive colors that attract chicks to them. It must consider that these nutrients are at an appropriate level inside the incubator so that the chicks can devour their food, and the chicks may feed on hay and feed. It is used to prepare the floors. As for the water, clean and fresh water is placed inside special containers. The chicks are usually watered by immersing their beak in water, and the chicks will start drinking a little water within a second or so, which constitutes their need for water.

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