Animal memory

Animals have many traits and abilities among themselves; Such as their ability to adapt to environmental conditions, their method of reproduction, in addition to their ability to hunt, and ways to obtain its food as well, not to mention the nature of their memory, and in this article we will get to know the weakest animals in memory, then we will talk about the strongest memory animals.

Fish are the animal’s weakest memory.

The memory of Fish is short-term, usually not exceeding three months, and in some times, it may reach six months. A Canadian study conducted by neuroscientist Trevor Hamilton showed that some fish, such as ornamental Fish, may remember their food location for a reasonable period. In contrast, others do not have the ability. They recognize that after seconds pass, this wastes the opportunity for fish animals to develop their lives and living conditions based on their benefit from past experiences.

The memory of the Tilapia Fish

The same Canadian study, conducted by neuroscientist Trevor Hamilton, also showed that tilapia fish have a stronger memory than other Fish, as they were introduced during one of the experiments to the fish tank. To train him on obtaining food, and after leaving it for more than ten days without receiving any training, he was entered again into the basin. He noticed that he headed to the place of food without instructions, indicating that he remembered him after days of leaving him. The study confirmed that some types of Fish, especially predators or aggressive ones, can develop their memory levels for a certain period, but this does not mean that Fish, in general, have a strong memory compared to other animals.

The most potent memory animal

  • The raven crow: also called the black crow, and this bird is distinguished by its strange shape, as it appears in the appearance of astonished, and it is the most potent animal memory ever.
  • Elephants: elephants, especially elephants, can keep moving or live with large groups, which may sometimes include thirty elephants.
  • Dolphins: It finds that dolphins are intelligent creatures, as evidenced by their ability to recognize old friends long after seeing them or caressing them in the water.
  • Horses: Horses have a strong memory, and the experiences of the Bedouin Arabs have proven this since ancient times by tracking the horse to the trail of its owner or the place in which it lived before.
  • Chimpanzee: It is a type of monkey, has a high ability to remember and often act intelligently.


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