Rabbit’s house

Rabbits live in a house called the burrow, or the mako, where the wild rabbit builds its burrow in the form of a network of tunnels extending to a depth of up to 3 meters below the surface of the earth. The burrow is divided into separate rooms, some of which are rooms for nesting and others for sleeping. These tunnels Equipped with multiple exits that enable the rabbit to escape quickly when it feels dangerous; rabbits can find in various environments such as wetlands, forests, meadows, pastures, and deserts. It is the continents of Europe and Africa.

Rabbit characteristics

Rabbits are herbivorous mammals; they have long ears short tails. They are distinguished by their large front teeth, long hind legs that help the rabbit jump, and soft and dense fur. The skin of wild rabbits is often brownish-gray from the top and white in the abdomen; as for local rabbits, they are distinguished by several colors. Still, white rabbits are the most common, and rabbits are often nocturnal animals, and they have sharp senses of smell and hearing. Or pets.

Rabbit breeding

A female rabbit gives birth to seven kittens in one delivery and can give birth 4-5 times a year. Rabbits are ovulation-induced animals, meaning that ovulation occurs after mating and does not undergo a regular cycle as it happens. In many animals, young rabbits are born naked, blind, and do not receive much attention from the mother. She breastfeeds her young once a day for only a few minutes. However, young rabbits proliferate because their mother’s milk contains many nutrients, as her milk is one of The most affluent types of milk that mammals produce in nutrients. Most rabbits are weaned after only one month, and it is worth noting that male rabbits do not participate in the care of the young.

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