How long does a camel live?

Scientific references differ about the length of time a camel lives; Some authorities state that a camel lives for 17 years, while other references indicate that a camel can live for up to 40 years, and the reason for the dispute is that there are two types of camels; The first is the Arabian camel or the one-humped camel that lives in the desert areas of North Africa and the Middle East, and the second is the two-humped camel that lives in the plains of Central Asia.

Camel life cycle

During its life cycle, a camel passes through the following stages:

Birth: A female camel gives birth to one or two young in rare cases after a gestation period ranging between 12-14 months, and the mother chooses for her delivery a secluded place from the rest of the herd and the weight of a newborn camel ranges between 30-50 kilograms and a small A camel can walk within half an hour of being born.

Childhood: The young camel returns with the mother to the herd two weeks after its birth, and the young camel’s body is covered with a pile of curly hair that determines the place of the growth of the hump later, and the mother continues to breastfeed the young between 10-18 months depending on the type of camel, and the abundance of food.

Puberty: Female camels reach puberty between the third and fourth year of age, while males reach puberty between the fifth to the seventh year of age, and the weight of an adult camel ranges between 400-600 kilograms.

Beauty multiplication

The herd of camels consists of a group of females led by an adult male, and the males begin to compete for mating when they reach the sixth or eighth year of age. He rolls over to rub secretions from a gland behind his head on the ground, and the dominant male gains the right to mate with all the group females.

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