Endangered animals

Animals are among the ecosystem elements that have a role in maintaining the balance of the environment. Still, in the recent period, the endangered animal species increased. Their numbers decreased dramatically due to the climate changes that the earth is witnessing, and because of the increase in population numbers significantly, which led to the creep of urban development towards forests and elimination And the spread of diseases that threaten different animal species, so there were calls from global and regional organizations on the necessity of preserving rare animal species from extinction and protecting them by various means. This responsibility falls on the individual’s shoulders wherever he is and not on the institutions interested in animals.

Prohibition of poaching

Poaching is one of the scariest things to various types of rare animals, as people do it out of ignorance and irresponsibility and do not know what this could affect the environment, as they earn money from behind it or during their outing on a picnic or trip hunting what falls under their eyes Of animals.

Forest protection

The urban sprawl of areas filled with weeds and trees, on which certain animals feed, should be stopped not to threaten extinction.

Provide a suitable environment for animals

Endangered animals must be protected and provide a suitable environment for them in terms of climate and life places. The best way to do this is to establish natural reserves for them, as this protects them from snipers and hunters and allows them to mate and reproduce under the best care and provide health care for them and their young.

Exploiting the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčindustrial inheritance

Thousands of the genetic genes of endangered animals are stored and later exploited to restore these animals in the event of their extinction. It is an excellent way to protect these rare species, especially in poor developing countries, although they are expensive, so governments must intervene to protect these animals.

Raise awareness

Awareness campaigns should be carried out among people by states and private organizations to avoid threatening animals, hunting them, reducing their numbers by holding introductory courses on these animals, and issuing bulletins. It is possible to make a statistic that includes the endangered animals so that it is possible to know what are the endangered animals. Exactly extinct, and what are the ways to protect it.

Note: The United Nations and official and unofficial bodies have played an influential role to reduce the risk of this phenomenon, as it signed an international agreement to protect endangered animals after counting and counting them in the 1960s, in addition to the environment program that it issued in 2004, which provides for the protection of endangered animals.


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