Lovebird eggs

Female lovebirds begin laying eggs after 5-12 days of mating, so she lays one egg on the first day, then a second egg on the third day, and so on until the eggs completed, whose number in one incubator ranges between 3-7 eggs, and the mother begins to incubate the eggs Sometimes when the number is complete, and the incubation period extended for 23 days – the period may decrease or increase by two days – and all eggs need an equal incubation period for them to hatch.

Breeding lovebirds

Lovebirds are so calling because of the strong bond that binds couples. They are birds distinguished by loyalty and mate with the same partner for life; despite the spread of the idea that the lovebird dies from grief upon its partner’s death, this hypothesis not prove. The lovebirds woo each other by biting and pinching the beaks, and their breeding season extends from January to a month April and from June to July.

Some types of lovebirds build their nests in the tree holes, so the female carries the nesting materials on her feathers, takes them to the nesting place, and puts the herbs and tree leaves in her beak a little to soften them before starting to build the nest. The male lovebirds are responsible for feeding the female during the incubation period. After the eggs hatch, they share—both the male and the female feed the chicks. The bird’s feathers begin to appear on the chicks of lovebirds when they reach five weeks of age, and the feathers are somewhat faded compared to the feathers of adult birds, and the chicks acquire the distinctive feather color of the parents when they complete their first year of life.

Care for lovebird chicks

Lovebirds that raise at home need a special box for nesting the floor covered with scraps of leaves. It is preferable that the box’s size be 30 square centimeters and that it has a circular entrance with a diameter of approximately 8 centimeters. When the eggs hatch, the task of feeding the chicks must be left to the mother at least during the two weeks Or the first three, after that the chicks are placed in an incubator and fed manually until they are between 6-8 weeks old, after which the chicks can feed on fresh vegetables and fruits, and grains such as millet.


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