Hen’s son

The hen’s son or chick knows in the English language as “chick” or “sous,” and the hen cannot lay the fertilized eggs that develop into an embryo and then into a chick unless it mated with a rooster before the egg-formed and the egg yolk also begins to form. First, when it reaches a part of the reproductive system known as the funnel, it finds the sperms waiting for them, and fertilization takes place. The egg white begins to collect around the yolk, and the crust is formed and hardened, and the egg becomes ready for laying, then the hen incubates the eggs for 21 days to have it available The heat needed for the fetus to develop and grow.

Breed of chickens

Chickens reproduce in the spring and summer months when the weather is warm, and the day is long, and the hen takes between ovulation and laying eggs 23-26 hours. Ovulation can occur again one hour after the previous laying of eggs, and the chicks, when they emerge from the egg, are cover with fluff. However, it proliferates, and its body becomes covered with feathers when it reaches the fourth or fifth week of life. When the chicks get the sixth month, they can reproduce in turn and produce eggs and sperms, and upon puberty, the chickens become somewhat round in shape, and the fleshy crest appears above the head and hangs down to a future with Lobes under the beak, with a high, curved tail.

Broccoli feed

Chicks can be fed special feed that can purchase from the market, and the type of meal to provide to the chicks depends on their age and style; Broiler, or laying chickens, and the feed of the broiler chick during the first six weeks of its life consists of 22-24% of protein, while the percentage of protein in the diet of the laying hen chick at this age does not exceed 20%. By the end of the first six weeks to the week Fourteenth, the protein content in the laying hen’s diet decreases to 18% to slow down growth to allow the bones to become firm before laying eggs. The food’s protein content drops to 16% until the chick reaches adulthood in the twenty-second week of life.


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