The number of meals for the kitten

A kitten’s weight increases three times during the first few weeks of its birth, so it may need three times the calories that an adult cat needs. Jennifer Larsen, a nutritionist, recommends giving the kitten at least three to four meals a day; This is because it is challenging to get the calories that a kitten needs in one meal.

Canned foods

Neglecting canned foods leads to the cat not getting enough nutrition to grow properly; tiny teeth do not enable it to chew food well. Canned foods must be presented to the cat four times a day if they are used for feeding only, or twice a day if eaten alongside solid foods.

Solid foods

The cat can be weaned and start offering solid foods when it reaches three to four weeks. It can continue to breastfeed for eight and even twelve weeks. Wet food must be provided at first, and be sure to change it frequently to ensure that it remains fresh and soft, and when it reaches six weeks, it can Serve dry or wet food as desired, making sure there is always enough clean water in a bowl.

Catering place

Cats in their behavior generally depend on habit; Therefore, it is essential to determine the place of eating food and present it at the same time every day. It is also recommended that the area be quiet and away from the frequent movement of family members while avoiding changing the place until the cat is older, where food is placed at the time in different areas of the house; To enhance its activity.

Examples of foods that can serve

Many solid foods can give to cats, including the following:

fresh raw meat; such as fresh lamb and chicken meat, with the need to check with the veterinarian first before serving it; Some cats with deformed jaws have difficulty chewing raw meat, and it is advised to avoid doing a lot of raw meat until the age of twenty weeks while avoiding offering sausages and processed meat.

Fish of all kinds, and canned fish; Such as sardines, tuna, and salmon, while avoiding offering them continuously.

Cooked meat; Like boiled chicken.

Finely chopped vegetables are recommended to serve them in small quantities; As cats are omnivores, they need meat in their diet, and not all of their needs can be met by following a vegetarian diet.

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