Providing basic supplies

Pet stores have a range of dog supplies and accessories, which are of great importance to them. Such as a neck collar, or a leash (chain), in addition to food and shaving accessories and other basics necessary when raising dogs, and the appropriate selection of them is take into account; To improve the dog’s health.

Medical care

Medical care is one of the basics that should not overlook when raising dogs at home. Therefore, the breeder must present his dog to the veterinarian and obtain the benefits associated with this visit; Such as checking on the health of the dog and getting all the necessary information in this field, which is essential in dog breeding; It is, therefore, advisable to find a helpful veterinarian, who can contact at any time necessary.

Providing the right food

The dog can be raised better at home by providing the right food for it; Because the dog’s diet is the basis of his health, but the food options that can provide to him are many and are not limited to specific elements, which may confuse the breeder; Therefore, it is possible to determine the appropriate and balanced food for the dog if it notes that it is receptive to this food and suits it well, in addition to the importance of knowing the dog’s behaviour problems, and how to deal with them at some point in its life; Excessive barking, aggression, or other behaviours that can become a problem for the dog and its groomer.

Exercises and exercises

Dogs need to practice various exercises and exercises to burn calories, stimulate mental abilities, and maintain health, in addition to their contribution to reducing boredom, which leads to avoiding unwanted dog behaviours, taking into account the individual needs of each type of dog, Which also varies according to the dog’s sex, age, and health condition.

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