One of the wonders of parrots

Parrots characterize by their ability to imitate sounds, interact with humans, and communicate with them by talking, but they do not have vocal cords that enable them to do so. And colours.

From the wonders of hyenas

Hyenas make sounds similar to laughter, but they are not related to their sense of pleasure. To compete for food, these sounds made by hyenas can vary according to social rank. The laughter of a small hyena, for example, indicates frustration and dissatisfaction with its share of food.

From the wonders of dogs

Dogs have many characteristics that distinguish them from other animals, including the ability to see at night, which explain by the formation of retinal cells of the retina, a layer of tissue called the choroidal tape and dogs can see long distances at night up to six, On the other hand, the cones, which are the cells in the retina, which are responsible for determining colours, enable them to perceive different colours, and this negates what is known; Dogs can only see in black and white.

One of the wonders of the golden fish

The goldfish that acquire in home aquariums can remember and learn things, as research from the University of Plymouth demonstrated the power of the goldfish to do so by training it to learn to push a food lifter that works for one hour a day. The fish was able to know. He remembered that for three months.

Smart animal video

She has a memory that lasts for years; she masters sign language and imitates movements! These are the characteristics of some intelligent animals, so what are these animals? Watch the video to find out the answer:

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