Animals and disaster sensing

The animal characterizes by its ability to sense environmental changes and natural disasters such as earthquakes, as this appears in its reactions at the time, through what it does by changing its location, and moving quickly to another area before the disaster Researchers have differed in this regard and supporters of the theory of animal sensing the occurrence of disasters. This explains by two things: the animal’s ability to feel the vibrations in the earth before others and the second is its ability to sense the gases emitted from the world or detect changes in the air.

Anecdotes and oddities of dolphins

There is a lot of strange information about dolphins, the most prominent of which are the following:

Her willingness to commit suicide simply by feeling the suffering and this fact are considered one of the strangest facts that can be known about dolphins, as dolphins kill themselves voluntarily.

Feeling the suffering of other dolphins, as dolphins help one of them when it is dying, by bringing it to a point above the water level and helping it breathe through the ice hole at the top of its body.

Their ability to communicate through echolocation and distances by sending sound waves to other dolphins that absorb the vibrations of the waves with their lower jaw teeth. Dolphins use this method to warn each other about predators or tell others about prey’s presence.

Dogs and seeing dreams

Dogs distinguish by their ability to see dreams, as they see in their sleep what they encounter in their day, as their goals consider as processing information in their brains. Sleep is essential for building body systems in dogs and animals in general, and dogs see dreams during a stage of sleep called rapid eye movement (REM). During which the eye moves randomly and quickly. That movement reflects the activity of the awake brain, and puppies take longer to dream than adult dogs because they need to process new information for a longer time.

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