What is Amazon? How to make money from Amazon, valuable amazon tips?

What is Amazon? How to make money from Amazon, valuable amazon tips?

What is Amazon?

Amazon is an online retail and shopping site that was started in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon always offers products at a low price, and it provides free delivery on many of its items through Amazon prime.

It is a handy website to sell your product online, like creating your store on amazon. You can make money from Amazon by selling your products.

You have to fulfill the requirement of category, condition, and description so that people can buy an item from you. You have to list all the details about the product like how it works, its specialties are, etc., so that customers can know more about it.

Amazon also provides a platform where one company or individual can sell their product.

Make money from Amazon

To make money from Amazon, you have to create your free account with Amazon; then, you have to list your item on that site, you have to describe the benefits of your product and any other specialties that apply. You also have to use relevant photos related to your product to attract customers.

It would help if you used the proper keyword related to your product to find you easily; keywords also help customers search your product quickly. You should constantly update your website with the current price and other details like time of availability etc.

Amazon gives the option of shipping any item to home or anywhere around the world; Amazon gives the meager price of shipping compared to other companies. Amazon sells only those products with good demand in the market; it avoids any wrong product because a bad product will harm its brand reputation.

Amazon gives the facility of 30 days money-back guarantee for its customer. If they are not satisfied with your product, you can return that item and ask for your money back.

Amazon also gives you a chance to win the buy box; customers only see one seller's name and its price in the buy box, but if you want to win the Buy Box, you have to offer your product at the lowest price than others sellers. For this reason, Amazon gives weight to item prices and customer reviews.

Amazon charges a meager fee for selling on Amazon; there are two types of seller account first one is an individual, which is free, and the second one is a professional account. In this account, you have to pay $39.99 per month with a fee of 0% to 15% of whatever you sell through your account.

Amazon also gives the facility of the offer price. If you want to sell a particular item at a high price, you can use this feature.

It would help if you always kept in mind that never give false information about your product and its shipping cost; otherwise, amazon can ban your account.

You also have to provide proper images of your product; the more image you add, the more trust you get from customers toward your product and company.

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